Jetpack Publicize not working on Google+ pages

I know Jetpack support isn’t available for a few more days but hopefully someone from the community can help shed some light on this strange behavior I’ve been experiencing with the software.

Under sharing, I have multiple accounts added for Google+ which include one personal and multiple pages. This used to all work and new WP posts would be sent to Google+ as wall posts. Now however, this can only be achieved on personal profile account and not company pages.

You can still add the accounts and it still goes through the same authentication process as before. It also successfully adds the pages onto the list but the posts do not get posted to the business pages.

If you look through the pages however, you can see these same auto posts used to work just fine but at one point they simply stopped appearing.

Any ideas what can be causing this? I’ve checked privacy settings, security settings, and several other areas to no avail. I’ve disconnected and reconnected the accounts through WP as well as the settings which can be found at and none of this has helped.

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