Using Multiple SSL Certificates in Apache with One IP Address

You can host multiple SSL certificates on one IP Address using Server Name Indication (SNI).

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Although hosting several sites on a single virtual private server is not a challenge with the use of virtual hosts, providing separate SSL certificates for each site traditionally required separate IP addresses. The process has recently been simplified through the use of Server Name Indication (SNI), which sends a site visitor the certificate that matches the requested server name.


SNI can only be used for serving multiple SSL sites from your web server and is not likely to work at all on other daemons, such as mail servers, etc. There are also a small percentage of older web browsers that may still give certificate errors. Wikipedia has an updated list of software that does and does not support this TLS extension.

Set Up

To use additional SSL Certificates on your server you need to create another Virtual Host. As a best practice, we recommend making a backup of your existing .conf file before proceeding. You can create a new Virtual Host in your existing .conf file or you can create a new .conf file for the new Virtual Host. If you create a new .conf file, add the following line to your existing .conf file:


Next, in the NameVirtualHost directive list your server’s public IP address, *:443, or other port you’re using for SSL (see example below).

Then point the SSLCertificateFile, SSLCertificateKeyFile, and SSLCertificateChainFile to the locations of the certificate files for each website as shown below:


If you have a Wildcard or Multi-Domain SSL Certificate all of the websites using the same certificate need to reference the same IP address in the VirtualHost IP address:443 section like in the example below:


Now restart Apache and access the https site from a browser that supports SNI. If you set it up correctly, you will access the site without any warnings or problems. You can add as many websites or SSL Certificates as you need using the above process.


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